This is Paradise!

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Here are 18 photos taken from all around the world but they have one thing in common: they are all Paradise on Earth. Those beaches, that water, wow… it’s magically beautiful. We have such a beautiful planet, we should protect it a little bit more. Seriously, I can’t believe

Meanwhile on the Internet // Weird pic dump 01

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The Internet is full of crazy weird photos… you know, there are so much of them you can’t fit them in a single album. So here’s a first of many weird pic dump. There are 20 of them, I think it’s a perfect number, not too long to get

Best street art I’ve seen in my life!

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Here are 13 pictures of the best street art I’ve seen in my life. These are not graffitis, no it would be an insult to call them graffitis. These are literally art… they are imaginative, they are original and furthermore they are very entertaining. Props to the artists, you’re

15 pictures taken at the perfect moment!

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Life if full of surprise and finding a photo like the ones you’ll see below in your camera is a very big surprise. You can’t just take photos like that on purpose, it’s 100% accidental but the result it 100% amazing. If one would literally try to retake these

Dog interrupts live news broadcasting

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Carol Kirkwood, the weather girl on BBC 1 has beed interrupted by a dog a couple of days ago while she was live on TV. What happened? Just check out the video below. I don’t wanna spoil it, but I swear it’s hilarious! Even the hosts are laughing and
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